Rejuvenating the Eyes with the MD Codes™

There are multiple factors which contribute to ageing around the eye, creating an undesirable tired effect. Some patients show indication of lost volume directly under the eye, leading to circles or eye bags, developing a prominent ‘tear trough’. Depending on the suitability of the candidate, a precise amount of dermal filler can be used to elevate the under eye concave, with an advanced technique that our aesthetic doctors are proficient in. In others, the loss of volume in the cheek can indirectly cause a ‘tear trough’ effect. In such cases, treatment of the cheeks, rather than the under eye, can help improve the appearance of the eye.

Drooping of the eyebrow can also cause this undesirable tired look, by depressing the skin and deeper structures around the eye. By treating this area with HA based dermal filler, we are able to improve the appearance, creating a lifting result to detract some of the weight pressing down on the eyelids.

Our aesthetic doctors at PHI Clinic adopt these pioneering injectable techniques from Dr Mauricio de Maio, using the gold-standard dermal fillers on the market. The Juvéderm range by Allergan provide natural-looking results, due to the fact they are made up of HA, which provide longevity, volume and structure. They help restore and replenish the facial features subtly, delivering desirable results for the patient.

Dr Tapan Patel is PHI Clinic’s Owner and Medical Director, with over 15 years’ experience in the field, and a further five years’ experience in medicine. Understanding both the facial anatomy and ratios, working with the requirements of each individual patient, Dr Patel achieves sophisticated and elegant results. Not only does he treat patients from his award-winning clinic on Harley Street, he also conducts masterclasses around the world, teaching delegates the latest in injectable treatment, including the MD Codes™.

Dr Benji Dhillon is a former Medical Director of Allergan, the leading producers of HA dermal filler and the original, branded Botox®. Not only does he have an expansive knowledge of the product, its efficacy and safety, he has received training from some of the world’s injectable elite, including the creator of the MD Codes™.

To schedule your personalised facial assessment and consultation and to discuss how dermal fillers can rejuvenate the eye area, please call 0207 034 5999 to speak with a member of our administrative team.



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The Face As We Age

As we age, our faces lose volume and structure, and our skin becomes lax. Dermal fillers can help revive our facial features and resist the signs of ageing.

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Rejuvenating The Eyes

The eyes are an area which can age us most, and they are certainly a focal point. Advanced dermal filler techniques can rejuvenate around and elevate hollowing under the eyes.

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