Juvéderm® dermal fillers are used at PHI Clinic, London, to add structure, volume and subtle enhancements to your natural features. Working on smoothing lines and wrinkles and rejuvenating the face, these sleek volumisers provide long-lasting results, without being permanent, meaning you remain in control of how you look.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found within the body which helps to attract and retain water, giving us that plump and youthful look in our adolescence and early adulthood. As is the case with collagen, beyond a certain point, your body’s natural ability to produce HA diminishes, which, along with ageing and other factors such as stress, contributes to this tired, wrinkled and lax complexion we gain as we grow older.

Juvéderm® fillers are made up of HA, meaning they assist in restoring that all-important structure and scaffolding, while simultaneously working on improving our skin’s tone, texture and vitality. The fillers are not made up of chemicals or compounds alien to our bodies, meaning they integrate well within the tissue, providing a discrete and sophisticated result.

Based on extensive clinical trials and studies, HA fillers usually last between 12-18 months, but there is precedence of them lasting as long as 24 months after the initial treatment. We request that our patients return PHI Clinic two weeks after their treatment, to assess the results achieved. It is from the two week mark that our expert doctors will be able to examine what will be the final result of the treatment.

The reason why these fillers are not permanent is simple; because HA is a natural product, the body’s immune system will naturally break them down over time. The scientists at Allergan have formulated that fillers so that they have a long-lasting result, without the permanency of synthetic fillers. This is ideal for those considering fillers for the first time, and who wish to gain natural-looking results.


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The Face As We Age

As we age, our faces lose volume and structure, and our skin becomes lax. Dermal fillers can help revive our facial features and resist the signs of ageing.

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Rejuvenating The Eyes

The eyes are an area which can age us most, and they are certainly a focal point. Advanced dermal filler techniques can rejuvenate around and elevate hollowing under the eyes.

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