Out with the old, in with the new

Traditionally, injectors would apply an ad hoc approach to dermal filler treatment, directly injecting the area which is of concern to the patient. However, advances and further clinical studies by experts, such as Brazil’s Dr Maurizio de Maio, have proven that by injecting the source of the issue and treating holistically, patients gain a much more effective result.

The very latest in dermal filler techniques

The MD Codes™ are the very latest in dermal filler techniques, created by Dr de Maio. At a conference earlier this year, a select few received training by the man himself on this revolutionary method. Among the elite was Dr Tapan Patel; PHI Clinic’s Owner and Medical Director. Since then, Dr Tapan Patel has begun introducing the Codes to his own practice in 102 Harley Street, London. He is one of the first in the UK to adopt this technique, not only treating patients with the Codes, but also teaching his own students and delegates in various masterclasses and conferences.

Dr Tapan Patel

Dr Patel has run two, highly-successful clinics in the past 15 years he has practiced aesthetic medicine. At the close of 2014, PHI Clinic was announced the Best Clinic in London and Best New Clinic in the UK and Ireland in the Aesthetics Awards. Dr Patel has also received accreditation from the consumer-trusted publication, Tatler, who dubbed him ‘Best for Botox and Filler’.

Dr Benji Dhillon

Working alongside Dr Patel and receiving training from Dr de Maio in the South of France, Dr Benji Dhillon treats patients at PHI Clinic, harnessing this innovative style of treating with dermal filler. Previously working as a Medical Director within Allergan – the leading pharmaceutical company that produces Botox® and the Juvéderm® dermal filler range – he is experienced in their use and is extremely knowledgeable about the products.


PHI Clinic offer bespoke, personal consultations and treatment plans which assess treatment needs on an individual basis. No two patients or indications are the same, and our highly-skilled doctors carry out full facial assessments to work with each and every patient’s requirements.

To schedule an appointment or for more information on the MD Codes™, please contact us on 0207 034 5999.

By Tapan Patel