Your Consultation

Upon entering the reception area, you will be required to complete the appropriate forms to assist with your consultation. It is important to declare if you have any medical conditions or any taking any medication.

For both Dr Tapan Patel and Dr Benji Dhillon, you will be met by either their Clinical PA or a Patient Co-Ordinator who will be there to assist you throughout your patient journey with us. Where necessary, they will document your treatment with in-house photography, to help monitor your results per session. They will also be to hand throughout the consultation to take notes, and to chaperone. If ever you need assistance or questions answered, they are your point of contact.

Our doctors carry out detailed analysis of the area of concern, assessing the indication and your relevant medical history to ensure you have no contraindications to treatment.

They will then go through the various treatment options available to you, outlining in detail what each procedure entails, what to expect from treatment, and what precautions to take before and after your session.

By drawing up individual treatment plans, our doctors are able to set out precisely what treatments would be most beneficial to you, how many sessions you will need, and when to space them apart, as well as which order to have them.


Botox, Wrinkle Injections London image

The Face As We Age

As we age, our faces lose volume and structure, and our skin becomes lax. Dermal fillers can help revive our facial features and resist the signs of ageing.

Dermal Fillers London Image

Rejuvenating The Eyes

The eyes are an area which can age us most, and they are certainly a focal point. Advanced dermal filler techniques can rejuvenate around and elevate hollowing under the eyes.

Laser Resurfacing London Image

History of Harley Street London

Located in the world-renowned centre of medical prfoessionals, 102 Harley Street boasts some of the most advanced treatments, the widest selection of treatment option in the UK, and a superb clinical team.