Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are drawn up based on your individual requirements and needs, going by indication as opposed to a set treatment. This is more beneficial to you, as you receive a comprehensive guide to the many options available to you at PHI Clinic. We are not limited on our treatment offering, so we will always advise and construct a plan according to what will deliver the best result for you.

Within your treatment plan, there will be detailed information about each stage of treatment, including timings, how regularly you should have your sessions of treatment, and which order you should be treated in. There is also a breakdown of each treatment, expanding and reiterating what was discussed upon consultation, so you can take it away and digest the information before you decide on whether to go ahead with your treatment. There is no pressure, so you take as long as you need, and ask as many questions along the way as you see fit.

PHI Clinic ensures patients form educated decisions, that they feel confident and comfortable with the treatment before proceeding, and that they receive bespoke treatment, tailored to their needs.


Botox, Wrinkle Injections London image

The Face As We Age

As we age, our faces lose volume and structure, and our skin becomes lax. Dermal fillers can help revive our facial features and resist the signs of ageing.

Dermal Fillers London Image

Rejuvenating The Eyes

The eyes are an area which can age us most, and they are certainly a focal point. Advanced dermal filler techniques can rejuvenate around and elevate hollowing under the eyes.

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History of Harley Street London

Located in the world-renowned centre of medical prfoessionals, 102 Harley Street boasts some of the most advanced treatments, the widest selection of treatment option in the UK, and a superb clinical team.