Treatment at 102 Harley Street

Just as your consultation and treatment plan is drawn up with you in mind, you treatment itself is personalised and focused on delivering optimum results for you.

Being the Medical Director of PHI Clinic, Dr Tapan Patel not only ensures the treatment he administers is designed with you in mind, but he also oversees every treatment performed by our clinicians, signing off and approving settings, parameters and treatment plans of our Aestheticians and Nurses. You will receive our full care and attention, reinforcing patient safety at all times.

Injectable treatments are only performed by doctors at PHI Clinic, as we believe you should receive skilled and precise treatment by those with medical experience and knowledge, and an artistic eye, delivering exquisite results which will leave you feeling revived, not overdone.

We use only the finest product at PHI Clinic. Our dermal fillers are soft and malleable, yet durable. We refuse to use ‘permanent fillers’, as they often produce undesirable results, and can only be reversed by means of surgery. By using HA based fillers, we can provide subtle enhancements to your facial features, and resist altering your appearance completely.

Equally, by using the original Botox®, we can guarantee the efficacy and safety of your treatment. Allergan Botox® is the gold standard wrinkle injection on the market, with over 100 years’ worth of clinical studies to back it, meaning we trust it to use on our patients.




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The Face As We Age

As we age, our faces lose volume and structure, and our skin becomes lax. Dermal fillers can help revive our facial features and resist the signs of ageing.

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Rejuvenating The Eyes

The eyes are an area which can age us most, and they are certainly a focal point. Advanced dermal filler techniques can rejuvenate around and elevate hollowing under the eyes.

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History of Harley Street London

Located in the world-renowned centre of medical prfoessionals, 102 Harley Street boasts some of the most advanced treatments, the widest selection of treatment option in the UK, and a superb clinical team.